13-year-old (as of 2023) Ryan Haider wrote this book, “The Knight’s Shadow” when he was just a middle schooler in Fair Oaks, California. He loves to write and read. He sat in his sixth period creative writing class thinking of what to write, soon coming up with an idea that led to writing and publishing this book. He was extremely excited to be working on a book for the very first time.

His writing explores themes of family, plot twists, foreshadowing, action, and mystery with suspense that can intrigue any reader.

14-year-old Jack and his best friend, Alex, have just begun high school. Jack’s new physics teacher, Mr. Frank is a very strange man, and Jack becomes suspicious of him. After an incident, Jack’s life undergoes a dramatic change. Somehow, this odd teacher is connected with the untimely death of Jack’s father. The young teenager enters an adventure beyond anything he could have ever imagined, as a mysterious figure known only as the Shadow Knight emerges. The entire city is transfixed… and Jack and the enigmatic Mr. Frank are right in the middle of all the action.

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